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Hi Chocky,

I´m sure you´ve been reading some of the unrelated threads involving RexFlin etc. It´s a forum so I suppose it´s not right to kill him off all together (but give me a gun & his address!!) but I´m certain many are getting bored with it all (I know I am!)

I´ve got to say it has now got to the stage where he is ruining the experience of using the site for a number of us (namely me, nellie boy & Dipsy & I´m pretty sure a number of others!)

I was wondering how feasible it would be to have a facility which allows members to put a block on any other member they wish so they dont have to read their posts, can block contact with them & their posts dont appear in the members list of posts in a thread?

I think this would allow Rex (or indeed anyone else) to ramble on at will but members could decide if they wanted to see it or not?

Just a thought. It´s a shame to see people using the site less because of a few rogue contributors! (in hindsight I think Fraser & me would have found it useful too!)



p.s. if this post illicits another "pain in the arse" reply from Rex, please accept my apologies in advance!

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