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Originally Posted by bobby
I'm not bothered, if anything i think the whole Lescott saga is great we got 24m for our second best defender, about 12m too much, plus it makes the games extra spicy, it was a game i looked for 2nd on the fixture list at the start of the season, it's fantastic at Eastlands usually, and this season the Gwladys street was rocking so i was made up.
Hopefully the bitter rivalry continues, i love it.

It was 22m and agreed it was at least 12m too much but he has started to come good in recent games (in between injuries). I would MUCH rather the extra money went to Everton instead of the other lot across the park and I genuinely hope I see the day that City and Everton finish above Trafford and the other USA team.  In fact, without exaggeration, the way things are panning out it may happen in the not too distant. You are right the Gladwys street was rocking this season but was very muted last season. My seat at City is next to the away fans and, as you know, the Everton fans were very quiet until it was obvious that they were going to win but at least the "2 nil and spent **** all" was a change from the usual boring "everton everton everton everton........." etc. Having said that you can usually hear a pin drop at Eastlands these days. I suspect that the bitter rivalry will continue as long as Moyes bears his childish grudge.  You deserve better than Moyes, he has no class. Oh, and you should share a ground with the other lot if you want to get anywhere.


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Originally Posted by desperatedon
the "2 nil and spent **** all"

It is nonsense to suggest that 'Everton' have spent precious little in the transfer market. Unless I am mistaken, the players currently at Everton have been acquired on deals up to £60Mill, including Fellaini for some £15mill and Yakubu for £11 Million.

I wholly accept that this is a paltry sum when compared to other clubs, however it is certainly NOT insignificant so I would dismiss out of hand the chant of "Spent **** all".

Rex Flin "Everton have been spendin' "

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Has anyone any idea where to watch the City versus Arsenal game in Malaga centre on Saturday before the Levante game? Cheers

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It is being covered by Spanish channels Canal+Fútbol & Gol Television so there's bound to be plenty of bars in town showing it. If Morrisey's Irish bar near the cathedral is open that will definitely have it on upstairs.
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