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And interesting report about arrests and banning orders viewable here.

Looks like some Newcastle boys have been "proper naughty" to quote Danny Dyer.

Barnet just about made it on to the table with 1 arrest for an offensive weapon, I guess it must have been our overly sharp wit and sarcasm.

I wonder if such data is available here in Spain.

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Hibs not on that list but I reckon we'd be fairly high unfortunately. The 'ultras' scene in Scotland has seen an introduction of a police force FoCUS (football co-ordination unit for scotland). That, with an increase in casuals activity (now Hibs and Rangers are in the same league again) police certainly have their work cut out!


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Oh and the twat that ran on the against Yintied on wed.
If gonna run oan, if gonna get stuck in the jail, fined and a feckin banning order at least hit someone
That twat got decked by a Yinited player
Feck a fanny! [sleep]

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