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I received these emails from Noel, a Málaga supporter, who needs help.  The following are two emails I received from him.  Can we do something to help his son?

Hello Mercy,
my name is Noel, I live in Torrox and up until now Ive been a Malaga season
ticket holder.
Im writing to ask if you can help me.
On August 11th my 3 year old son was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. He
has had brain surgery to remove as much as possible but now needs radiology to
treat what remains.
Although Spanish healthcare has been excellent we now need to go for treatment
in America as conventional radiology equipment has a high risk of brain damage
for developing (3 year old) brains.
Anyway the cost of Proton Therapy is looking to be about 130,000 euros. I'm
currently fundraising and wonder whether the club would be able to help in some
way (gift/donation etc).
I'm writing to you as you seem to have a good relationship with the club and to
be honest, at this moment I'll try anything.
Thanks for even considering my request, I hope to hear from you soon, kindest
regards Noel Falvey

Hello Mercy,
thanks very much for getting back to me.
My son's name is Fletcher and with the help of the Torrox Ayuntamiento
we have set up the 'Plataforma de Ayuda A Fletcher'

As a result of that we have opened an account at Cajamar (IBAN ES67)
3058 0737 3927 2001 2656.

Ive been trying to set up a website so that people can get more info -

If there is anything else that you need then please just ask
thanks for your support,

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 My company Offex, has a number of outlets throughout Spain,if you have any posters,collections boxes etc,I would be happy to help. 


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Thanks Nigel

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How very, very sad.

Contact me through my site and I'll get this out throughout expatshire.

I've got all the emails for the expat media in Spain and we'll tweet it, digg it, get it on my sites etc

It's poor form to promote other people's sites but if you make contact I'll tell you some of the Costa sites that will probably run this.

As it's Torrox you might want to get hold of Keidi Keating the owner of the Sentinella - sure she'll run the story. If you don't get any joy let me know and I'll blackmail her!

On a similar emotional project today

Two Seat Marbellas leave Marbella Arches tomorrow bound for the Arctic Circle in 5 days. I am meeting them on the Norwegian border, you are all welcome at the Arches on Monday at 1pm . All los guapos from the council will be there - the ones who are not "inside"!!

Kind Regards

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Front page headlines on the Costa del Sol News and Tony Kenny from William Hill has said that they and MCF Foundation will be getting some merchandise for auction.  I'm waiting for further info.
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