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Just some general observations about driving in Spain:

Parking ON roundabouts is obligatory. If you will be more than 30 mins then putting your blinkers on covers all known sins.

Parking on zebra crossings is, in fact, highly recommended especially if you can double-park at the same time. If the crossing is also near a crossroads that's great and it's even better if it is by traffic lights. That way you can annoy the most people in the least time. This leads them to think that the "slightly" dangerous manoeuvre they took at the last roundabout was in fact OK.

If you overtake on the inside you have every right to abuse the guy who nearly knocked you off as he was turning right. This is particularly relevant if you are 2-up on a scooter etc and neither of you are wearing helmets.

Although to others it might seem dangerous it is actually OK to speed up any dual carriageway 2-abreast on your motos. Talking to each other is equally totally fine especially if you are both also on your mobile phones at the same time.

If you are drop dead-gorgeous, with a figure to die for wearing a sprayed on T-shirt and a visible thong, please be assured that this is NOT distracting to other drivers. Men would not notice and women would not scream at their husbands "keep your eyes on the road and keep your eyes off that tart. She is young enough to be your granddaughter."
"It is perfectly acceptable to be travelling at 60kmh on a toll road weaving from lane to lane whilst you text your mistress to tell her you're on your way there whilst talking to your wife on the other phone complaining that your xxxx boss has sent you to Madrid again"

The other section that is overlooked is the "It is compulsory to double or even triple park on zebra crossing - particularly the ones on busy x-roads. If you think you will be there for more than 15 minutes then put your blinkers on but if you are only going to queue in the bank, correos or whatever just wind the windows down and tell your 6 year old passenger to tell anybody that you'll be back soon." They will understand as they do the same themselves. If you completely block the road doing this it does not matter as you only stop people going to work and they hate the job anyway, so they should be grateful."

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The most incredible thing about driving a car in Spain is that when you are joining for example A7-road from Calahonda, you must join it behind STOP-sign. And then there is no space for acceleration, you just have to squeeze in with the maniacs driving by 200km/h. And if your car is having lack of horsepower, everybody behind you start honking and waiving their middle fingers. In Finland we never join motorways behind STOP-sign and there is always an own lane for acceleration, before joining the others.

And now the officials in Spain have started to give tickets for false parked vehicles. I remember back in the old days when you could left your car in the middle of a sidewalk with hazard flasher blinking and go to a grocery store. Nowadays they are more strict about parking and we even got our first parking ticket last summer! The first parking ticket ever, and we have visited Spain for over 18 years now.

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Steve, methinks we've already done this on another thread in here a year ago!

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