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Chocky - Now that the new Forum set up has been operational for a while, in your opinion how successful has it been in comparison to the previous Message Board?

I hope you think it is a success as to set the whole thing up must have taken a lot of time, effort and dedication.

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So far so good, the old version had to be changed because with so many more users towards the end of last season, threads became more and more difficult to read with replies being stuck halfway down threads, therefore there would be the situation of 'sub-threads' being started within threads, it all got messy. If that makes sense!

Also, there's more scope for discussion now about things other than Málaga, without people being worried about posting stuff about their UK clubs or whatever subject in a single message board meant for Málaga discussion.

There are also more features, and the option of Private Messages and emailing, and a live chat room (although limited to 3 people at a time at he moment).

The forums are actually cheaper than the old one, I just had to customise everything, make up buttons etc, which was no problem, and I have been involved with the CPFC forums for 9 years so it's nothing new to me.

But the main reason forums work is because of the members and contributors, and a community spirit, which I think we have on here so far (and the previous few years too), and I hope it continues to grow.

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