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Hi there, when I click on the link to the league table from the home page it appears for a second or two then reverts back to the home page.  Is this normal or am I doing something wrong when trying to view the league table?


Cheers, Ian.

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There's not a problem as far as I can see on 3 different computers and different browsers. When you click on the League Table button, the page should open below the heading and menu buttons. It will only change to the homepage after a second if the page is opened in a window of it's own.

This site window is made up of two invisible frames, the top one holds the heading and menu buttons, the bottom one hold all the pages.

If you use a search engine to find this site, sometimes stray pages will come up on the list eg. If you click on this, the page will open, but there will be no way of navigating to the rest of the site, it will just be a league table, in one window, no frames. To counter this, I put a redirect script in the individual pages, so that if they are opened just on their own from a search engine as explained or physically opened by using that link, it will take you straight to the proper homepage.

My guess is that your browser is trying to open the league table in a separate window instead of opening it in the same page. Does this happen with the other pages Ian? It may be a browser settings issue.

If anyone else is having this problem, let me know, ta.

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