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Just back from 2 weeks in spain and drove by los monteros a good few times and couldnt miss all the graffiti on the walls and building. No one I spoke knew anything about it and my spanish not being up to much didnt help trying to read it though I thought ther was mentions of Banco Snatander in the grffiti. Any one any ideas?

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Been in dispute for a long time now - the Russian that owns it owes a lot of 'redundancy' to the staff he laid off overnight and they have been picketing ever since - it did temporarily reopen and was immediately shut down y the local council with a huge fine - generally massively over priced - spent an afternoon at La Cabane - the Beach Club -in 4 hours ran up a €128 bill

€100 each for chateaubriande - got a cab to Don Quixote and ate like a king

pip pip

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