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Opened Marca this morning to find an article that say there is a strong offer on the table for the sale of malaga by the Grupo Dogus from Turkey 🇹🇷. I am a firm believer we owe a lot to el jeque but times are changing and it's 6/6 losses. With no real talent inbound. All the Good players saw the Submarine of the port bow before it fired its torpedo and jumped, now poor Michael is Captain of the ship and is trying to keep the ship from sinking. I believe we have the right management in Malaga but we are lacking ownership that is willing to invest!! Sooo home fans need to start chanting Please sell, Please Sell!! A vender A vender !!!!

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According to there is a possibility of the sale going through, however Málaga CF and the Sheikh is still in litigation with BlueBay and until the judge has decided the outcome the Sheikh cannot sell 100% of the shares.  There is a sting in the tale, as the Dogus Group also has hotel chains in its portfolios and BlueBay has its brand in Turkey.  So there could be a 'wheels within wheels' type negotiation going on, especially as all the junior Al Thani's have returned to Qatar leaving their sister in sole charge for the moment.  It also appears that all the managers have had to sign documents that states everything has to have the Sheikh's seal of approval before going through!!!

Like in previous seasons the 'Will he, won't he sell' story is abound.  I'm just surprised that it has taken so long to surface, so maybe.....
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