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Originally Posted by lufcmalaga
As you can guess from my account name im a Leeds fan and agree the Chelski were good last night , i also agree with all this dressing room power theory but it seems that Jose and Di Matteo have and are embracing it rather than doing an AVB and trying to fight it . Right or wrong it does seem from the outside that the old guard do rule the roost ,maybe its time you came and took papa smurf back PLEASE! just a thought though you boys are going to have to dig deep on transfers this summer to add some younger stars to try keep up with City and Ushitted thats Man Poo Shited

I did have my suspicions you might be a Leeds fan . Appreciate the acknowledgement know it can't be easy to give! I don't know about the player-power, Terry and Lampard probably do have some sort of pull in decision making there but that's always going to be the case unless you have a long-standing manager. I'd rather have Danny Granville back as our first choice left back and David Hopkin in midfield than ever take that tosser back! KFC Colonel doppelganger.

Yeah definitely, the Manchester clubs are quite far ahead of us at the moment and we've got holes all over our side. Hopefully a big summer for us!

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Unlucky last night but to be honest i was praying City would do it , cant stand to see scum win another title oh and please no Forest jokes its devastating to see we will never get back to those dizzy hights of the champs league and challenging at the top again.But you guys defo seem to have turned a corner now in the ways of attitude etc just need some good signings in the summer from Chelski Liverpool Spurs and Arsenal and next season could be a cracker!!!

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Yeah, obviously gutted about last nights results but not too disheartened by the performance. Yeah fair enough can understand that from a Leeds fan mate! Still think United will win it though.

Leeds will be back up in the Premiership in the next 5 years, hundred percent. Too big of a club to not be.

Things slowly falling into place, I want to see Torres and Drogba playing together, 4-4-2 formation. Finishing 4th isn't gonna be easy! Exciting conclusion to the league though. Huge game against Spurs this weekend!


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Are you still out there Chelsea Malaga, if so I am a Chelsea fan and some of my friends up here in Antequera are as well. Really gutted when Lampard left. Arsenal manager spat his dummy out as usual.
Looking forward to our next match.[luxhello]
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