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Consistant Post Status

The read or unread status of forum posts will now be tracked consistently across devices. For example, you can use your laptop and mobile phone to read the forum without some posts appearing read on one device and unread on the other.

The read/unread status of posts is saved in a user's forum account, so signing in on any device will automatically display the correct status of posts. Guest users that aren't signed into an account will see all posts marked as read. Website Toolbox forums that have the User Accounts option turned off will continue to use browser/cookie based post tracking.

Smart History

Forget about remembering which page you were on, the forum will now automatically put you right where you stopped reading the last time you were in a topic.

The topic preview text, which currently shows a preview of the first post, will now show a much more relevant preview of the first unread post within a topic. Clicking the topic's link will take the user directly to the first unread post. If the entire topic has already been read, the last post in the topic is used instead.

Note that the topic preview text is shown under the topic title in the mobile version and as a tooltip upon putting your mouse on the title in the desktop version. New themes created in the future will show the topic preview text under the title even in the desktop version.

This feature is not available for guest users.

Mobile Version

You must have already noticed that accessing your forum from a mobile browser now displays a mobile-optimized version of your forum. It allows your users to get involved in the discussion anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of pinching and zooming! Over the next few months there will be completion of full mobile integration for any remaining pages of your forum (Private Messages, Calendar, Albums, etc).

Private Message Attachments

Users can now attach files and embed images into private messages.

Embed Uploaded Images

Users can now embed uploaded images within their post, private message, or event. While composing a message, simply select the Insert Image icon in the toolbar.

Email Address Login

If you forget your username, login with your email address.

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