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If you are not logged in for some reason. Tried it on two computers with both ff and ie. Anyone confirm?

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The system has changed slightly from the 25th February.

"The read or unread status of forum posts will now be tracked consistently across devices. For example, you can use your laptop and mobile phone to read the forum without some posts appearing read on one device and unread on the other.

The read/unread status of posts is saved in a user's forum account, so signing in on any device will automatically display the correct status of posts. Guest users that aren't signed into an account will see all posts marked as read. Website Toolbox forums that have the User Accounts option turned off will continue to use browser/cookie based post tracking."

If you're not signed in or a guest and you want to see new posts only, click the 'New Posts' link at the top right of the forum.

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